Tubular Hertz (チューブラ・ヘルツ Chūbura Herutsu?) is a sampler created by Susumu Hirasawa. In 1992, Hirasawa converted a KORG M1 synthesizer and fit it within a structure shaped like a pipe organ (although it also resembles a set of tubular bells); the synth would be triggered by the pulling of the tubes, by holding the pulled tubes one could hold on notes. Hirasawa used the Tubular Hertz on shows with the Defrosted P-MODEL and later on his solo shows throughout 1994-1996. It was phased out in 2001 when Hirasawa altered the structure of his recording studio and live stage set-up so as to lessen pollution of the environment; the Gravitons and Laser Harps are spiritual successors of the Tubular Hertz.


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