Technique of Relief
FileSusumu Hirasawa - Technique of Relief album art
Susumu Hirasawa
Released 1998
Label teslakite

Technique of Relief (Kyusai no Giho) is an electronica album by Susumu Hirasawa. Like Aurora, some songs have been featured in "Interactive Live Show 2006 LIVE BYAKKOYA". Notably, the songs within the album can be considered as soothing. The theme of this album is the works of a "Gardener King" who relieves the world because of annihilation from "Almighty People" from a neural network. This can be described as a war between man and machine, a theme present in many of Susumu Hirasawa's works. The inclusion of a "Gardener King" can be compared to a shepherd tending to his sheep. Susumu Hirasawa has described this as a recurring theme from P-MODEL.

This album has a less acoustic sound than Sim City and Siren, but still features choral backings and Asian styled vocal motifs some of the tracks.

On 2009/03/18 a limited remastered HQCD version was released. It included the 4 tracks from the Berserk Forces single as well as the original tracks. (Columbia Music Entertainment, COCP-35525)

Track listingEdit

  1. Town-0 Phase-5
  2. Moon Time
  3. Gardener KING (庭師KING?)
  4. Ghost Bridge
  5. The Man from Narcissus Space (ナーシサス次元から来た人?)
  6. Strange Night of the Omnificence (万象の奇夜?)
  8. Bridge Builder (橋大工?)

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