Solar Ray
Susumu Hirasawa
Released October 11, 2001
Length 00:45:00

Solar Ray is a 2001 album that was composed by Susumu Hirasawa. It features remixes from some of his older songs and albums, such as Philosopher's Propeller and Aurora. These remixes are based upon his old band which disbanded in 1999, known as P-Model. Solar Ray's songs are energetic and have an electropop feel, reminiscent of P-Model's songs combined with Susumu Hirasawa's style. An interesting highlight of this album is that not only has he recycled some of his music, he has also used solar power, a renewable energy source to power his recording studio. In addition to using recycled material, the name of the album came from one of Susumu Hirasawa's previous works.

Track listing Edit

  1. Solar Ray 2 (ソラレイニ sora rei two?)
  2. Aurora 2 (オーロラニ ōrora two?)
  3. Philosopher's Propeller 3 (賢者のプロペラ 3 kenja no puroperu three?)
  4. Gemini 2
  5. Sim City 2
  6. Sekai Turbine 2 (世界タービン 2 sekai turbine two?)
  7. Gardener King 2 (庭師KING2 niwashi KING two?)
  8. Berserk-Forces 1.5
  9. Virtual Rabbit 2 (ヴァーチュアル・ラビット 2 vaachuaru.rabitto 2?)
  10. In the square 2 (広場で 2 hiroba de two?)

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