Sim City
Susumu Hirasawa
Released 1995
Label Polydor

Sim City is an electronica album by Susumu Hirasawa. Inspiration for this album came from visits to Thailand and transsexuals. Several Thai vocalists have appeared in this album, providing some samples for his songs. Susumu Hirasawa later took some songs from this album, remixed it, and released it again in Switched-on Lotus, a memorial soundtrack.

Track listingEdit

  1. Recall (リコール?)
  2. Archetype Engine (アーキタイプ・エンジン?)
  3. Lotus (ロータス?)
  4. Kingdom (キングダム?)
  5. Echoes (エコーズ?)
  6. Sim City (シム・シティ?)
  7. Moonlight (月の影?)
  8. Pacific Rim Imitation Network (環太平洋擬装網?)
  9. Colony (コロニー?)
  10. Caravan (キャラヴァン?)
  11. Prologue (プロローグ?)

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