Planet Roll call
Susumu Hirasawa
Released February 18, 2009
Length 00:43:47

Planet Roll Call (点呼する惑星?) is a 2009 album composed by Susumu Hirasawa. This is his 11th solo album and is his first solo album in three years. The album shares many features with his previous albums, using both electronic sounds as well as heavy epic drums. A few of the songs are low tempo just like his last album White Tiger Field. Songs that stand out from this are "Mirrors Gate", "Great Deceiver of Saint Horseshoe Planet" and "Initial value of Midair" which are high beat intense songs with background chorus for certain parts. There are also "Planet Roll Call" and "Astro-Ho! Homing" which could be classified as circus, a theme Hirasawa has experimented with in earlier albums.

Creation Edit

Before creating the album, Susumu Hirasawa wrote a story which he then tried to play out throughout the album. The story didn't have any specific narrative, but was more a feeling or emotion he wanted to convey to the listener.

Release Edit

While the album was still not released two samples were released on 29-01-2009, one being the full "Royal Road, Paradise" in .mp3 format and one being a 85 seconds total cutout of all songs on the album, each song playing for a little less than 10 seconds.

Tracklist Edit

  1. [[Hard Landing (instrumental)
  2. Planet Roll Call (点呼する惑星?)
  3. Night Walking Wearing the Human Body (人体夜行?)
  4. Mirror Gate
  5. Royal Road, Paradise (王道楽土?)
  6. Initial Value of Midair (上空初期値?)
  7. The Great Deceiver of Saint Horseshoe Planet (聖馬蹄形惑星の大詐欺師?)
  8. Visible Sea (可視海?)
  9. Phonon Belt
  10. Astro-Ho! Homing (Astro-Ho!帰還?)

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