Philosopher's Propeller
Susumu Hirasawa
Released October 5, 2000

Philosopher's Propeller is an electronica album by Susumu Hirasawa. Some songs such as Nigredo and Rubedo come from Latin terms related to the alchemical magnum opus. Notably, some songs served as the basis for the Millennium Actress soundtrack. Susumu Hirasawa had done different versions of the songs and examples of songs that have been remixed were Nigredo (Kagi no Kimi in the soundtrack), and Rubedo (Run in the Millennium Actress Soundtrack). Famously, Rotation (Known as Rotation (Lotus-2) in the soundtrack) made it onto the soundtrack by request of Satoshi Kon as the movie's closing theme. Despite the name, Susumu Hirasawa hadn't remixed it. During an interview near the end of the making of the movie, Satoshi Kon picked Rotation because he said it was the destination of Chiyoko and the audience.Template:Fact

This album has a similar sound to Technique Of Relief; however, Hirasawa begins to mix falsetto with his normal voice (although this trend began with P-MODEL OR DIE in 1999).

Track listingEdit

  1. Philosopher's Propeller 1
  2. Rubedo
  3. Nigredo
  4. Albedo
  5. Quadratur Des Ziirkels
  6. Garden Where Solutions are Found
  7. An Expert Mountain
  8. Opus
  9. Rotation
  10. Philosopher's Propeller 2

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