P-MODEL was a zolo/techno band fronted by Sususmu Hirasawa. They lasted for 21 years, going through various lineup changes, but Hirasawa as the single constant member.


Yasumi TanakaEdit

First met and joined Hirasawa by answering a magazine advertisement Hirasawa had placed in search of musicians in 1973. Only person to have equally matched Hirasawa conceptually, both of them worked equally creatively on P-MODEL's first 4 years of existence. Departed as he felt that he wasn't having any new ideas. Hirasawa once said in a 1989 interview that the concept of P-MODEL as a band "died" when Tanaka left, fans have theorized that the lyrics of LEAK are about Tanaka. As he left P-MODEL, Tanaka retired from the music world and set about working as a businessman, founding the Ebisu-based Asian-African textiles & crafts shop OUIJA (ウィージャ Uīja?) in 1987, where he now works as president. It was announced that Tanaka would perform with P-MODEL after 30 years in Gazio's "CYCLE-Z" opening event in April 2013, he appears on the Gipnoza track Go for it! Halycon, playing a keyboard solo using a combo organ-like sound.

Sadatoshi TainakaEdit

First met and joined Hirasawa by answering a magazine advertisement Hirasawa had placed in search of musicians in 1973. Renowned by his intense playing style, which gave the band's sound a "solid" element. Popular among fans for the trademark sunglasses that he was rarely seen without and for his quiet demeanor. Tainaka moved to the Galápagos Islands to study iguanas and biology, returning after his replacement Yasuhiro Araki departed and stayed on until the band's "freezing", when he retired from music. Upon returning, his previous tenure with the band was retroactively called "Part 1" and the then current one "Part 2", on "ONE PATTERN Band" shows he was referred to as "Part 1". Tainaka briefly got out of retirement and played what ended up being his final show at the ERROR FORCE event in 1990, he spent his time afterwards as a chiropractor. In 1997, P-MODEL started using the virtual drummer TAINACO on its live shows, Tainaka approved and cooperated by shooting photographs of himself to be used as visual representation of the Enhanced model in 1999. Also in that year, Tainaka founded the Sangenjaya-based figure and plastic model store (からくり屋 Karakuri-ya?), which closed down the following year, he tried to continue by setting shop in the internet. Tainaka has since retired from being a public figure, there was a slight panic in 2011 as Hirasawa found him unreachable, in July 2012 his current status was explained to fandom.

Katsuhiko AkiyamaEdit

Former keyboardist of a prog band, he first met Hirasawa when he was the only concert-goer in a crowd of 3 people (progressive rock wasn't popular in 1970s Japan, and the custom was to lump progressive acts with "fusion" bands, Mandrake was the sole performer at that show) to praise Mandrake. Akiyama appeared in transition of Mandrake's last show (a two-and-a-half hour long affair divided into 2 parts, the progressive songs and the zolo songs) wearing a white coat and holding a fetus that shined red, blue and green, he subsequently joined P-MODEL as the founding bassist (as well as holding other roles. Akiyama had a "feel-good" style, his songs are the poppiest that P-MODEL ever performed. However, outside of TOUCH ME, his other songs were rarely performed in live shows (TOUCH ME was sung by Akiyama, while KA-KA-YO-SHI and GLOBE had to be sung by Hirasawa), and, as P-MODEL's style grew increasingly un-technopop, Akiyama's overall style was drastically going the opposite direction, and he ended up kicked out of the band. After leaving, Akiyama worked as a fashion model, enrolling in Nihon University's School of Dentistry in 1982, later dropping out in 1985. After wandering through India, he formed the band HERE IS EDEN in 1989 with Toshirō Sensui (drummer, Hikashu and Yapoos), their first album, (夜になっても遊び続けろ Yoru ni natte mo Asobi Tsudukero?, I'll Continue to Play Even After the Night Falls), was set to be produced (and to feature guitar playing) by Hirasawa, but in the end he only worked on two tracks. Hirasawa employed Akiyama as bassist/backing vocalist from live shows in 1990-92, and later on Akiyama returned to P-MODEL in their "Defrosted" lineup, where he got popular among fans for his on-stage antics (dancing, shaking his large mane of blond dreads, performing shirtless, and intense maraca-shaking), leaving it with the rest of the "Defrosted" lineup in 1993. He continued performing with HERE IS EDEN until the band's end in 1998, spent some time working as a session musician and formed the solo unit after the rain in 1999, releasing 2 albums under it and performing sporadically to this day. Akiyama has also worked as a drummer when guesting with some bands.

Tatsuya KikuchiEdit

A student of the synthesizer classes that Hirasawa taught for Yamaha, the tall and slender Tatsuya Kikuchi first performed with P-MODEL in late 1980 after Katsuhiko Akiyama's departure, Kikuchi later dropped out of high school and joined P-MODEL as full-time bassist in 1981. Kikuchi, overall, had a very minor influence on the P-MODEL sound (he didn't appear in the recording of LUCKY TIME, the one song he wrote, and his last non-live appearance was on the promotional photos for SCUBA, he didn't appear on the album itself). He's best remembered for an incident in 1984 where he threw his bass in a couple of raucous concert-goers in a show P-MODEL co-headlined with The Stalin, this got P-MODEL credibility with the japanese punk scene. Sometime after leaving P-MODEL Kikuchi (Sakuma) became manager of the Harajuku-based record store ROCKSHOP (closed in 2004), in 1997 he founded the Sendagi-based company COLOUR FIELD, a publisher and retailer of books (and later on, records). Sakuma has made sporadic appearances as DJ in P-MODEL fan events, he also appeared on Gazio's "CYCLE-Z" opening event in April 2013.

Shunichi MiuraEdit

Tadahiko YokogawaEdit

  • (横川理彦, later on 横川タダヒコ?), born January 29 1957 in Tottori, Tottori.
  • Membership: August 28 1984 – December 27 1985, June 25 1991 & September 23 1994 (Hirasawa Solo Backing Band), July 1 2006 (4-D mode1).
  • Instrument(s): Bass, Violin, Ocarina, Piccolo, Vocals
  • Appearance(s):
    • RE;
    • MOIRE CLUB Vol.03
    • TWO OF US
    • BITMAP 1979-1992 (KARKADOR)
    • Errors of P-MANIA! (all volumes)
    • HIRASAWA error ENGINE - Hirasawa Three Acts in Three Hours: Lower
    • DIVE
    • Chiputan
    • Die offizielle Raubkopie
    • Rekonnekted
    • Hiiro no Crew
    • DRIVE
    • Wieder
  • Song(s): AFTER DINNER PARTY, LIFE PLAN, PIPER IN THE WOOD, RE;, DANCE SUBOMP, OAR, HOURGLASS, PIPER, KAR¢ADOR, Birds, Truk Lagoon, CALL, Session7_1, My Neighbor Upstairs, Hiiro's Crew, CREST, Wieder
  • Other act(s): solo, 99.99, 4-D, After Dinner, Metrofarce, Meatopia, TWO OF US, installing
  • Collaborative(s): Meteor, Shinobu Narita, Takashi Kokubo, Hisakatsu Igarashi, Haco, Eisuke Sasai, Katsuhide Suzuki, Kenji Konishi, Katsuhiko Akiyama, Teruo Nakano
  • Link(s):

Yasuhiro ArakiEdit

Teruo NakanoEdit

Yoshikazu TakahashiEdit

Hikaru KotobukiEdit

Yasuchika FujiiEdit

Kenji KonishiEdit

Wataru KamiryoEdit

Hajime FukumaEdit

Related personnelEdit

Yuichi HirasawaEdit

平沢裕一 ({{{2}}}?). Susumu's older brother, headed the stage effects team Device Mandragora (ディバイス・マンドラゴラ?) (part of a scheme to get Mandrake expensive instruments for cheap), concept director for P-MODEL ('79-'83), did artwork for most of their releases ('79-'88) and some of Hirasawa's ('13-present). Did backing vocals on "Rocket". In 2013 opened GAZIO, a café bar (spiritually inspired by Nylon 100%), reformed in 2015 as STUDIO GAZIO.

Akiro "Kamio" ArishimaEdit

有島(神尾)明朗 ({{{2}}}?). Grandson of writer Takeo Arishima, son of Gyosan, Akiro was born with the surname "Kamio". He's said that the "entire Arishima family" (most likely Takeo's children) decided nobody should inherit the surname. Gyosan married Yasuko, second daughter of General Baron Mitsuomi Kamio, whose title and lineage were inherited by Gyosan; Akiro is their second son. At some point later in life he reverted his surname to "Arishima". His name is rendered in his business card as "有島KAMIO明朗". Akiro formed and lead am experimental synthesizer trio, The Bach Revolution, releasing three albums and appearing on various compilations and side releases from 1976 to 1979. Hirasawa met him when applying for a teaching position at the Yamaha Synthesizer School, where Akiro was his "sempai" and got him (occasionally with Mandrake) to collaborate on some of Akiro's side-work and the last Bach Revolution album No Warning, the first Hirasawa releases. Akiro also pointed out a Playboy contest for Hirasawa, which led to the creating of "Temptation from Necessity Bees" and let him use The Bach Revolution's private studio Electro Sound for the recordings of Air On The Wiring, demo and IN A MODEL ROOM. Following The Bach Revolution's disbanding he, Hirasawa and Takashi Kokubo (of the prog band RING) formed the "No.1 Synthesizer Team" E-PROJECT, releasing one album (Synthesizer Trek) and a sound track to X-BOMBER (alongside BOW WOW). Akiro later formed the production company AC UNIT, whose studios were used by P-MODEL to record some of the ANOTHER ACT singles (Akiro participated on shun I and "rejoined" the "group" for Landscapes) and SCUBA; Akiro and stylist Akemi Tsujitani continued work with Hirasawa on KARKADOR, ONE PATTERN, Water in Time and Space and The Ghost in Science. AC UNIT produced the Kamui Mintara documentary and hired Hirasawa to make its soundtrack. Hirasawa hired AC UNIT multiple times to work in home video rekeases of live shows, with their work on the Philosopher's Propeller one earning an award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's 16th Digital Contents Grand Prix of 2001. Akiro returned to work with Hirasawa in 2014, directing the Parallel Kozak video.

Masanori ChinzeiEdit

Sound Engineer from MAGNET, first worked with Hirasawa in Virtual Rabbit, has since engineered almost everything he worked on and all of the "main" albums (except for the Bangkok sessions of Electronic Tragedy/〜ENOLA due to scheduling conflicts.

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