Susumu Hirasawa
Released February 25, 1994
Length 60:11
Label Polydor

Aurora (オーロラ?) was an album produced by Susumu Hirasawa and released on February 25, 1994.[1][2] Of note is that some of Hirasawa's later albums included different versions of several of these songs. For example the song Aurora itself was later released in Solar Ray as Aurora 2 on 2001, and later rereleased as Aurora 3 in 2006. Aurora 3 was produced for "Interactive Live Show 2006 LIVE BYAKKOYA" and as of August 2006 is currently only available in mp3 format.[3] Musically, but not lyrically, the track Take the Wheel bears strong similarities with the track Forces, later recorded in 1997 for the anime Berserk.


  1. Stone Garden (石の庭?)
  2. LOVE SONG (ラヴ・ソング?)
  3. Aurora (オーロラ?)
  4. Song of the Force (力の唄?)
  5. Take the Wheel (舵をとれ?)
  6. Snow Blind (スノーブラインド?)
  7. The Double of Wind (風の分身?)
  8. In the Square (広場で?)
  9. Island Door-Paranesian Circle (トビラ島(パラネシアン・サークル)?)
  10. Ringing Bell (呼んでるベル?)

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