Гипноза (Gipnoza)
Susumu Hirasawa
Released November 06, 2013
Length 00:38:33

Gipnoza is the 2nd original album by composed by Susumu Hirasawa under the name Kaku P-MODEL released in 2013.


  1. Gipnoza
  2. Go for it! Halycon! (それ行け!Halycon?)
  3. Time Eliminating Light (排時光?)
  4. White and Huge (白く巨大で?)
  5. Dμ34=Immortality (Dμ34=不死?)
  6. Dr.Drevniye
  7. Parallel Kozak
  8. Alarm
  9. The Flood of District 109 (109号区の氾濫?)
  10. East of Timeline (Timelineの東?)

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